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Design Thinking & Strategy

This is the stage when everything comes together to shape the product – the idea, research insights, intuition, positioning, GTM strategy, algorithms, salient features, internal strengths, money in hand etc. it defines what the product is.

Understanding who your users are, what they want, what motivates them and what makes them happy.

User research on target user sets. Understand the user personas, scenarios & activities.

Documenting user journeys, user goals, user stories and use cases.

Understanding what content/ functionalities/ product capabilities are required to meet diverse user objectives.

Brainstorming and validating the baseline functionalities on a granular level, which is necessary for the application to compete in the market.

Defining new features and functionalities that differentiate the application from competitors.

Understanding the technology platform, limitations and requirements.


Deliverables would be a combination of mind maps, empathy maps, user journey models, user / product requirement documents or lo-fidelity wireframes.

User Experience Design

UX design is the stage where a bulk of our efforts are spent and comprises of navigation design, zoning, information architecture and interaction design. This is the stage where the user pain/ need analysis and insights get rolled into the actual execution and this translation requires us to get right into the user’s shoes and design the product interfaces based on the users’ mental model of the solution with diligence and precision.

Once we have a concrete idea about what the product is and we have internalized what we have understood, we pick up our prized tools- papers, pencils and erasers!

We think, discuss, sometimes argue, then make rough sketches, erase, sketch again… this goes on till we feel that we have a grip on the key interactions and workflows.

We then go on to make interactive hi-fidelity prototypes that help you and the users get involved in the engineering process. This way, we add more detail iteratively.


Information architecture and interaction design of the entire application delivered as annotated wireframes.

Wireframes will be developed using any popular wireframing tool and will be delivered as PDFs.

User Interface Design

We believe that visual design provides not just a good first impression but also elicits an emotional response. Visual design is more than colors, graphics, typography, & images; it makes the design speak in a language of its own.

Conceiving and designing compelling brand communication in the case of brand and corporate websites; enhancing usability for application interfaces across devices.

We design across form factors – from very large touch walls to small phone surfaces; from low-resolution touch phone interfaces to retina display screens.

We can design for responsiveness (should that be the decision) for the same design to be rendered and viewed differently on varying screen sizes.


The outcomes at this stage are – fully finished visual/ GUI designs and a relevant style guide.

Communication/ visual/ graphic design/ iconization of the unique screens will be delivered in Photoshop files. Designs will be shared in jpeg files for client approvals.

The style guide would provide specifications for layouts, margins, alignments, fonts, typography & colors as per the visual designs.

The style guide will be delivered as a consolidated pdf document.


Development is a process of converting our designs into code using HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQ and other related front end technologies. With increasing complexity of platforms, devices and interoperability, we found the need for specialists for quality deliverable of both – the front end and the server side/ back end development. So with the help of these trusted partnerships, we can deliver a good front end code, and if need be, can also do the back-end integration.

We convert your designs to high quality HTML5 + CSS3 / XHTML + CSS coded along with JavaScript by the best front-end developers in the industry.

Mobile / responsive – PSD 2 HTML works with mobile and responsive layouts. Our team will make a responsive site look perfect on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Our front end code is written in such a way as to facilitate integration into back-end software and content management systems.


The deliverable is high quality front end code that can be easily integrated into the back end or any CMS system.

The code will be tested for consistency, browser compatibility, responsiveness (depending on the requirement), performance like loading time etc.

We wow your users by engineering and designing pleasurable user experiences for applications across devices and platforms.

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